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Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

If you suffer from a physical or mental health condition that prevents you from working for a year or more, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you have been injured in the workplace, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, even qualified applicants are sometimes denied the benefits they need to survive financially. By working with disability attorneys, people who are applying for benefits may be able to secure the legal expertise and support they deserve. If you need an SSI or SSD lawyer in Philadelphia and Harrisburg area or Cherry Hill, NJ area, turn to the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco.

Social Security Disability Benefits

SSD and SSI benefits are paid for by tax dollars and your contributions. During your working life, some of your earnings go towards these programs. Of course, if you become ill or are seriously disabled and need these benefits to pay for everyday bills, you expect SSD and SSI compensation to be there for you.

Unfortunately, in many cases, applicants who are legitimately injured and unable to work are denied the benefits that are supposed to help them. In fact, about two-thirds of disability claims are denied on the initial application.

Fighting the Odds

What can you do if you have a legitimate claim? One option is to speak with a disability insurance lawyer. An SSD attorney may have the experience, knowledge, and education to help you seek benefits. Experienced SSD attorneys know which terminology to use, how to file the correct forms, and how to navigate the complex benefits process. An experienced disability lawyer may also be able to strengthen your claim, offer legal advice, represent you, and present your case before the Social Security Administration. If you have not yet applied for benefits, a social security disability lawyer may be able to build the strongest application to reduce your chance of denial. If you have already applied and received a denial letter, an SSD lawyer may be able to handle your appeal, build your case, and make sure your appeal is filed within the necessary timeframes. Applying for SSI or SSD benefits is a complicated process, and many qualified applicants are denied benefits based on a technicality. Workers’ compensation claims are also complex and rely on strict deadlines. In most cases, you have 21 days or less to file your claim. If you are one of the 65% of first-time claimants who have been denied benefits, our team may be able to assist you. The law office of Lisa M. Ritacco specializes in SSD and SSI claims — she knows the law inside and out and has over twelve years of experience helping clients get the benefits they deserve. Having your disability claim rejected can be frustrating and disheartening. Rather than give up or live without benefits that can improve your quality of life, contact Lisa M. Ritacco and her team today.

What our Clients say

Thank you so much for all your help. I felt confident in your firm. Your efforts quickly won my claim and made my needs easy and simple. Thank you for all your great work. Karen

I cannot express in words the feeling of gratitude I have for you and Lindsay. Thank you for everything but mostly for making me feel there is hope and someone does care. Christina

Attorney Lisa Ritacco’s Experience

Lisa M. Ritacco is a Pennsylvania-based lawyer who understands that when you file Social Security disability in Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware it can be a very long and frustrating process. We can take the stress of filing off of your shoulders. Disability Attorney Lisa M. Ritacco has helped individuals win their SSD and SSI cases at all levels. We can help you file the initial application for benefits and assist you throughout the entire process, including all levels of appeal. At the Law Office of Lisa M. Ritacco you will deal directly with your SSD or SSI disability lawyer throughout the entire process. Your case won’t be handled by paralegals or passed from one attorney to the next. You will work with someone who knows you and understands your situation and will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. Lisa M. Ritacco provides personal, compassionate, and detail-oriented service to all of her clients. Lisa M. Ritacco is a social security disability lawyer in Pennsylvania who helps people with all disabilities, as well as physical and mental health disorders.

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