Disability Attorney

Disability Attorney

Disability Attorneys Can Help Prevent Denial of Benefits

Receiving Social Security disability and SSI benefits isn’t as easy as filling out an application and waiting for the check to arrive. The truth is, approximately 65 percent of all claimants are denied benefits on their initial application. Fortunately, there is an appeal process that allows you to pursue your case further. You can file an appeal on your own, but the process can be complicated and often frustrating. A more prudent course of action is to enlist the services of an experienced, highly skilled disability attorney.

Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Benefits by Appealing with a Disability Attorney

If you are initially turned down for benefits, your initial reaction may be frustration, perhaps even panic. If you are refused benefits, it is important you don’t give up. About 60 percent of all appeals are won at the hearing level, so patience and persistence are necessary. Representation from a qualified disability attorney at your hearing will greatly improve your chances of prevailing.

Disability Lawyers Can Guide You Through the Entire Appeal Process

Lisa M. Ritacco can guide you through the entire appeals process from beginning to end. She will thoroughly research the specific circumstances surrounding your case, starting with obtaining your file from the Social Security Administration. She will help you file all the necessary paperwork, prepare legal briefs, and if necessary, request the reopening of a prior application for benefits. She will also represent you at the appeals hearing and help relieve your anxiety in advance by preparing you to testify.

A Disability Lawyer Can Help Prior to the Appeal Process

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until you need to file an appeal to utilize the services of Lisa M. Ritacco. Disability benefits lawyer Ritacco can help you prepare and file your initial application for benefits, which may greatly improve your chances of gaining approval without the need for appeal. She will assess your situation to ensure you are entitled to benefits and help you provide the necessary details and required documentation.

Many Disability Attorneys Don’t Charge an Upfront Fee

If you are in a position where you need to file for Social Security benefits because you are unable to work, you may think hiring an attorney is not an affordable option. However, Lisa M. Ritacco, does not charge an initial fee for her services. Instead, Attorney Ritacco only receives a fee if you are approved for benefits. Then the fee is limited to the lesser amount of 25 percent of past-due benefits owed on your claim or $6,000. In other words, you will owe nothing unless Attorney Ritacco wins your case.

Delays Can Be Costly

If your initial claim for Social Security benefits is denied, it is important to take swift action as you must file an appeal within 60 days of your denial date. The longer you wait to consult with a disability attorney, the less time she will have to prepare and the less chance you will have of appealing successfully. As soon as you receive your denial notice, contact Lisa M. Ritacco for a free consultation.

PA Disability Insurance Lawyers Can Help You Deal With This Complicated Process

Trying to decipher all of the Social Security Administration’s disability program regulations is a nearly impossible task for most applicants who don’t have a legal background. Without help, claimants may spend a lot of time building their case, only to discover that the majority of their gathered evidence isn’t actually what is needed to be approved for benefits.

Disability Lawyer Serving the Entire Philadelphia Region

Whether you need a disability lawyer in Atco NJ, Cherry Hill, Wilmington, DE, Media, Lancaster, Reading, West Chester, or Philadelphia, PA, turn to Lisa M. Ritacco. Attorney Ritacco is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is a member of the Delaware County Bar Association. As Social Security is a federal system, Attorney Ritacco has handled disability claims in over 27 different states. The focus of her practice is providing representation for disability claim cases, and she has more than twelve years experience as a lawyer successfully representing clients at both the local and national level. Because Disability Attorney Lisa Ritacco deals exclusively with Social Security disability cases, she understands the type of evidence needed to win an initial filing or appeal. When you hire an attorney to represent your case, you won’t have to worry about wasting your valuable time on tasks that aren’t actually going to increase the likelihood of winning your disability case.

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