Do I Need A Lawyer?

Do I Need A Lawyer?

The Importance of an Effective PA Disability Benefits Lawyer

A disability cannot only result in serious physical and emotional distress, it can prevent you from earning a living and supporting your family. If you become disabled, receiving Social Security and insurance benefits may be the only source of income available to you. But what happens if your claim for benefits is denied? The truth is, about 65 percent of Social Security benefit claims do not make it past the initial application phase. If your claim is denied, you will need the services of an experienced disability benefits lawyer.

Focused Solely On Disability Claims

Lisa M. Ritacco is a Pennsylvania-based disability benefits lawyer whose practice is limited to handling Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In her more than ten years of practice, Attorney Ritacco has successfully represented clients at both the local and national level. She is committed to ensuring you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled, helping you improve your quality of life.

You Won’t Have to Deal with the Appeal Process Alone

You can attempt to appeal your Social Security claim denial on your own, but it can be extremely difficult to do so without the assistance of a competent attorney. You’ll be faced with the task of collecting and analyzing complex documents, such as medical records, and possibly writing and filing legal briefs. You’ll likely need to attend and testify at a hearing, which can be difficult and stressful, especially if you are not thoroughly prepared to present your case.

When you enlist the services of Attorney Lisa M. Ritacco in Philadelphia, PA or elsewhere in the state, you have the support of a dedicated advocate for your rights. Attorney Ritacco will perform the research and document preparation tasks for you, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy. Through her extensive experience in representing clients at appeal hearings, she has gained the knowledge and savvy necessary to prepare you for your testimony, relieving much of your anxiety in the process.

The Importance of the Appeal Hearing

Because the majority of Social Security disability claims are denied after the initial application phase, successfully navigating the appeal process becomes critical to receiving benefits. Fortunately, approximately 60 percent of all appeals are won at the hearing level, emphasizing the importance of having legal representation. Statistics indicate that claimants who use a disability benefits lawyer are much more likely to win their appeal than those who try to go it alone. Put Attorney Ritacco on your side!

You Don’t Have to Wait for a Claim Denial Before Seeking Help

Enlisting the services of a disability benefits lawyer even before a claim is denied is a proactive way to increase your chances of initial approval. A lawyer can help you complete the application properly and help you obtain and present the supporting evidence to strengthen your claim. As a result, you may be able to avoid the cumbersome appeals process altogether.

Your Disability Benefits Lawyer in Pennsylvania

When you need legal representation in King of Prussia, Media, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Reading, PA or Moorestown NJ, you can count on Lisa M. Ritacco. Unlike with other law firms, your case will never be handed off to a paralegal. You will be treated with compassion and dignity throughout the process.

No Fee Unless You Win

Some individuals may feel they cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Attorney Ritacco will not charge a fee unless you win your case. A separate fee may be charged for obtaining medical records and other evidence to support your claim. Call Lisa M. Ritacco for a free consultation today.

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