Can You Set Up a Disability Hearing Without a Lawyer?

Disability Hearings Without a Lawyer

If you believe you’re entitled to receive disability benefits, it’s technically possible for you to arrange for a hearing on your own. However, as with most types of self-representation, taking this matter into your own hands is not advised.

The main reason it’s not a good idea to handle your own case without professional assistance is disability law can be very complicated. The case process itself can also become quite overwhelming. From knowing the deadlines for when certain forms need to be filed to understanding exactly what should be gathered in order to present a compelling case, there’s simply too much for an individual with no prior experience to thoroughly learn in a limited amount of time.

The Odds are Stacked Against Individuals with No Representation

The percentage of claims that are initially denied is generally cited in the range of 65%. As if that wasn’t intimidating enough, because there’s only a short window to file an appeal, many individuals take too long trying to compile everything they need and end up missing their submission. While that creates a serious issue, as with the others we’ve discussed, it can be avoided by obtaining proper legal representation prior to beginning the process.

If you make the wise decision to contact a lawyer who specializes in disability cases, the lawyer will start by assessing your case. While your initial interview with The Law Office of Lisa Ritacco will be on the phone, if it appears you have a viable case the lawyer may schedule a time to meet you in person.

Keep in mind that most lawyers who work in this field often don’t initially charge anything for their services. Instead, they take the lesser of a retroactive benefits percentage or predetermined fixed fee upon the successful completion of your case.

Once a lawyer takes on your case, you will want to sign a medical privacy release. This will allow your attorney to securely access your medical records and begin building your case. This includes selecting which records to submit, as well as deciding which of your doctors should provide a statement to support your case.

At The Law Office of Lisa Ritacco, once your attorney has received and reviewed all of your medical records he or she will call you to discuss the strengths of your case and go over any questions you or your attorney may have. This will help your attorney build the strongest possible case for you.

Once a hearing has been scheduled on your claim with Social Security, your attorney will schedule a time to go over sample hearing questions with you. This preparation will help you feel confident, natural and avoid feeling caught off guard during your hearing.

Even with that preparation, since the initial denial rate is so high, don’t feel panicked if the first round doesn’t go in your favor. Since there are multiple levels of appeal for this type of case, the eventual odds will be on your side — as long as you have a knowledgeable professional to help you.

If you want to work with a lawyer who has nearly a decade of experience with disability claims, call Lisa M. Ritacco for a free consultation at 877-459-4799 or contact Attorney Ritacco online.