What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Get Disability Benefits?

What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make When Trying to Get Disability Benefits?

Filing for disability benefits is a complex, time-consuming process — it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. From failing to submit comprehensive medical records to drawing unemployment while you wait for a decision, there are multiple things that can complicate your claim and prevent you from getting the Trying to Do It Alone.

But what’s the number one mistake people make when filing for disability benefits?

Trying to Do It Alone

The worst possible mistake you can make when applying for disability benefits is trying to work through the process alone. An attorney specializing in SSD and SSI is familiar with all of the common pitfalls of the application and appeal process. She can help prevent these mistakes from happening before they occur in the first place. We wrote recently about reasons you need a lawyer here.

Affording Legal Representation

Many people believe they cannot afford to pay for legal services. However, most disability attorneys only get paid if you win your claim. If you’re denied benefits, you do not owe your attorney money in the vast majority of cases.

If you’re awarded benefits, the SSA limits the amount of legal fees that your attorney can charge. The absolute maximum you could possibly owe in legal fees is $6,000, and that’s only if the total amount of your past due benefits is $24,000 or more.

Finding a Qualified Disability Attorney

Many attorneys offer legal services for SSD and SSI cases, but very few specialize in these types of claims. When your financial future depends on the success of your disability claim, it only makes sense to find the most experienced disability attorney that you can.

That isn’t to say that attorneys offering representation across several legal fields can’t offer representation for your claim. On the other hand, their attention might be on other things or they may not be as experienced as an attorney who deals exclusively with disability law. Since you’ll most likely pay the same fees either way, it’s important to find the most experienced and qualified attorney that you can.

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