Who Can Help Me Find Work to Supplement My Benefits?

Find Work to Supplement Disability Benefits

There is a common misconception that once you apply for or begin receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you’re no longer allowed to work. However, the reality is you can still work — you’re even encouraged to work if you are able.

This doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find a job if you have a disability. Below are some resources to help you.

Resources to Find Work With a Disability

If you’re having difficulties securing a job with your disability, some of these organizations may be able to help:

  • Government agencies that serve people with disabilities – Some federal offices are specially tasked with the goal of helping the disabled. A quick Google search can turn up some interesting agencies with the .gov domain.
  • State agencies – A state employment office can often have special options for those with disabilities. A local vocational rehabilitation center can also assist with job hunting and placement.
  • The ADA – As part of the U.S. Department of Justice, this site has the latest information surrounding the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can visit to learn more about the law or find resources to help you find work.
  • Non-profit organizations – In addition to federal and state agencies, there are hundreds of non-profits dedicated to helping people with all kinds of disabilities. You can look them up by location, disability or purpose.
  • Specialty sites – There are tons of websites out there just for people with disabilities. For example, Disability Scoop has the latest news and an impressive employment section.
  • Social Security siteThis site has tons of resources for applying for Social Security benefits, but it doesn’t stop there. Those who receive benefits can also visit the Choose Work section to learn more about working to supplement their benefits.
  • Employment agency – Just because you are disabled doesn’t mean you can’t go into an employment agency like anyone else and look for work. You’ll have to provide information on your disability along with any work needs such as wheelchair ramps, handicapped parking, etc.
  • The classifieds – If you know what kind of work you can and can’t do, you can still search for work the old-fashioned way by applying for jobs in your area. During the interview process you may have to answer questions about your disability and what kind of work you can perform.
  • Veterans Affairs – If you’re a disabled veteran, you can also use VA.gov and other resources for veterans to help find work.
  • Online ads – The Internet provides plenty of new ways to apply for, receive work and even perform it. Those with certain skills can even apply for work-from-home jobs, which have flexible hours and are low impact.

It is important to remember that working, either before or after you are found to be disabled by the Social Security Administration can have very significant ramifications on your claim for SSDI/SSI benefits or your ongoing benefits. It is extremely important that you discuss any work you are considering doing with an attorney experienced in handling SSDI and SSI cases.

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