Disability Benefits for Depression

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Depression is a common affliction that affects many people at one time or another during their life. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports as many as 10 percent of American adults battle some form of depression. Those who are particularly at risk include adults between the ages of 45 and 64, women, African-Americans, Hispanics and individuals who are unable to work or are unemployed and can’t find work. Those already suffering from a serious physical health problem may also experience depression as a result.

If you are unable to work because of depression, you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits for depression.

Major Depressive Disorder

Many people suffer from a type of depression known as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, this is an especially debilitating form of depression that can interfere with one’s ability to eat, sleep, study, work and enjoy many activities that normally provide pleasure. Those afflicted with MDD often lose their ability to focus and concentration, experience memory problems and may lose their ability to function in a normal manner. Individuals with MDD often isolate themselves from other people and may have difficulty performing daily activities such as caring for their personal needs or cleaning their home. Some people may experience several episodes of MDD in their lifetime.

A Social Security Disability Depression Benefits Lawyer Can Help

If you are dealing with MDD or other forms of depression, maintaining employment can pose a tremendous challenge. If your depression has prevented you from working on a full-time basis for 12 months or more, you may be entitled to receive Social Security disability depression benefits to replace a portion of your missing income and improve the quality of your life.

Unfortunately, Social Security benefits can be difficult to obtain, and many applicants are initially turned down due to the inability to properly document
their illness or because of an error in the application process. If you are having difficulty obtaining the Social Security benefits you deserve, contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco for a no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

What Can a Social Security Disability Depression Attorney Do for You?

An experienced Social Security disability depression attorney like Lisa M. Ritacco can help you avoid the common mistakes that typically derail many SSD claims. If your initial claim for Social Security disability depression benefits has been denied, Attorney Ritacco will provide the aggressive representation you need. Her practice is devoted to the specialty of handling SSD and SSI claims and she knows how to successfully navigate the often-challenging appeal process.

A Social Security Disability Depression Benefits Lawyer May Improve Your Chance of Winning on Appeal

While it’s true many SSD claims are initially denied, the odds improve greatly during the appeal process. In fact, benefits are ultimately awarded 60 percent of the time on appeal. Attorney Ritacco will help you reopen your claim if necessary, obtain any relevant medical records and other information that supports your case, and even prepare you to testify at your appeal hearing, which can alleviate much of the anxiety that is normally a part of the process.

You Must Act Quickly

If your initial claim is denied, it is vital to contact a Social Security disability depression benefits lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you will not forfeit your right to appeal. According to Social Security disability law, all appeals must be filed within 60 days of receipt of your denial letter. The sooner you contact a disability lawyer, the better your chances of winning your appeal.

Contact Lisa M. Ritacco for a No-Obligation Consultation

If you need help with a Social Security disability depression benefits claim, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting Lisa M. Ritacco for a no-obligation consultation. She can also provide assistance with completing the initial benefits application process.

For more information on Depression visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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