Denied Benefits?

Denied Benefits

What Can You Do If Your Social Security Claim Has Been Denied?

If an unexpected illness or injury is so severe that it prevents you from working for 12 months or more, finding ways to make up for the lost income can be difficult. Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is often the best, and in some cases, the only recourse for paying the bills and keeping food on the table. But while SSD benefits are available, actually receiving them can be another matter. Fortunately, there are lawyers in Philadelphia, PA for Social Security denial who may be able to help.

What Is the Denial Rate for First-Time SSD Claims?

You might be surprised to learn that approximately 65 percent of initial applications for Social Security benefits end up being denied. A denial often results due to the claimant’s failure to provide sufficient evidence or documentation about their medical condition. Some denial notices will include what is referred to as a “technical rationale” that explains the reasoning behind the denial.

If you have filled out your disability benefit application to the best of your ability, the information included in your letter of denial might not make sense. What documents are missing? For example, if the doctor agrees you cannot work, why did you get a denial letter? This is one example of the types of questions you might have. To get answers and assistance, consult with Social Security denial lawyers in the Philadelphia area. They may be able to review your denial letter and help you appeal the decision.

A disability lawyer for Social Security denial may also be able to help clarify the reasons provided by the Social Security Administration. An experienced attorney may even be able to strengthen your case and develop an appeal that gets results.

What’s the Next Step After Receiving a Notice of Denial?

You have the right to appeal a denial of benefits, which must be done in writing. However, it is important to act quickly, as you have only 60 days to file an appeal; otherwise, you will need to reapply for benefits. The appeal process may be somewhat complicated, especially for the layperson who does not have experience in dealing with the SSA on a daily basis. This is a good time to consider seeking the services of a disability lawyer for Social Security denial.

It’s natural to feel upset after receiving a notice of denial. In this situation, you don’t want to approach your appeal with strong emotions and a sense of confusion. Working with Social Security denial lawyers in the Philadelphia area or your community ensures you approach the appeals process with confidence. An attorney may be able to strengthen your case, address any errors made in the initial application, and prove to the Social Security Administration that you deserve benefits.

Contact the Law Office of Lisa M. Ritacco

Lisa M. Ritacco is a lawyer for Social Security denial in Philadelphia and the surrounding area you can turn to if you have questions about your SSD claim. Attorney Ritacco’s practice is devoted solely to Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income matters. She can assist you in all aspects of the SSD claims process, from the filing of an initial application for benefits all the way through the conclusion of the appeal process.

What Can a Lawyer for Social Security Denial Do for You?

A lawyer for Social Security denial such as Attorney Ritacco can sit down with you to review the unique aspects of your case. Should you choose to move forward, your attorney may perform a number of important functions, including collecting medical and other supporting evidence, writing legal briefs, seeking to change the date of the onset of your disability if appropriate, and preparing you to testify at your appeal hearing. They may be able to help you review the notices sent by the Social Security Administration and evaluate the strength of your case, so you can move forward with confidence.

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If you think a lawyer for Social Security denial may be able to help you, contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco for a free consultation today.

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