How To Reinstate Social Security Benefits

How To Reinstate Social Security Benefits

How to Reapply for Social Security Benefits

Social Security disability benefits — whether administered through the SSDI or SSI program — provide an important financial cushion for those suffering from a disease, injury or chronic condition. By alleviating the pressure to work to support oneself, disability benefits make it possible to focus solely on the recovery or management of your condition.

However, when you have your benefits taken away from you, the added stress of dealing with a sudden change in your financial situation can have negative effects on your health. If your SSDI or SSI benefits have been terminated, it may be possible to get them reinstated. The first step is to understand why they were suddenly denied.

Reasons Why Disability Benefits Are Taken Away

If you want to learn how to get back your Social Security benefits, think about why they were taken away in the first place. Common reasons include:

  • Return to work — Returning to work is the most common reason why Social Security disability benefits are discontinued. A person is able to perform a small amount of work and still receive ongoing SSDI benefits. The current monthly threshold for income from work is $770. Earning more than that amount for an extended period of time may result in having your benefits terminated or reduced.
  • Medical improvement or medical neglect — If your condition improves to the point that the Social Security Administration deems you fit to return to work, your benefits may stop. Your benefits may also be cut off if you stop following treatment or taking other steps that a doctor says would improve your health.
  • Age — When an individual reaches retirement age, they begin collecting regular Social Security retirement benefits in many cases. However, if you are already on disability, you are not allowed to collect both. This means your disability payments may stop but your retirement payments will begin. Amounts are typically the same.
  • Incarceration or felony conviction — Anyone currently in jail or convicted for a felony is ineligible for Social Security benefits.
How to Get Your Disability Benefits Back

It’s possible to get your Social Security disability benefits reinstated in some cases. If you have aged out of the program or been disqualified due to a criminal history, your options for getting your disability benefits back may be limited. However, if your benefits ended due to a change in your income or work situation, the outlook is more optimistic.

For example, an individual on disability may go off the program voluntarily if they feel they are ready to work again. If their illness recurs and they need to stop working again, it may be possible to expedite the process of getting benefits reinstated. Under certain circumstances, the standard application process may be avoided.

If you need to get your Social Security disability benefits reinstated, attorney Lisa M. Ritacco may be able to help. Ritacco Disability Law has more than ten years of experience helping individuals get the benefits they need to live and recover comfortably. Your initial consultation with our team is free, and we never charge a fee unless you win. Contact us today to learn more!

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