Types of Disability Benefits

Types of Disability Benefits

Disability Law Lawyers for Delaware, Pennsylvania & New Jersey

An accident or illness can happen at any time, often when you least expect it. In these tough economic times when so many families are struggling to make ends meet, putting funds aside to cover an unexpected loss of income due to injury or illness just isn’t an option. As a result, many families are left unprepared for this type of financial challenge. Social Security Disability benefits can provide a vital lifeline, but attaining them isn’t necessarily easy. A lawyer may be able to assist you in your quest to receive the financial benefits you and your family need.

Consulting with Disability Law Lawyers Before Applying for Benefits

Many people wait until they receive a notice of denial of benefits before consulting with a disability law lawyer. However, an attorney who has experience in disability law may also be able to help you complete the initial application process successfully. When you consider that approximately 65 percent of initial SSD claims are denied, often due to the applicant supplying incomplete or insufficient information, it stands to reason that seeking professional guidance during the application process could make a difference in the outcome.

What If Your Claim Is Denied?

It may also benefit you to contact a disability lawyer after a claim for benefits has been denied. They can perform valuable services such as obtaining medical records, seeking to change the date of the onset of your disability, and even reapplying for benefits if necessary. Often, benefits are awarded as the result of an appeal hearing. Your lawyer can thoroughly prepare you for the hearing, which may eliminate your apprehension and enable you to testify with greater confidence.

Disability Law Lawyer for Appeals

Lisa M. Ritacco has represented many clients whose benefits claims have been denied. In most cases, she has been able to successfully resolve the issue, allowing these injured workers to secure the benefits to which they were entitled. As a disability law lawyer for more than ten years, Lisa M. Ritacco has seen disability claims denied for many reasons, including insufficient medical records, misread test results, minor typos and substantial administrative errors.

As a disability benefits lawyer, Lisa M. Ritacco believes her biggest role is to support and advocate for those who have been injured. In this capacity, she works to ensure applicants eligible for benefits have the best chances for receiving the benefits they need.

Since graduating from Temple University Beasley School of Law, Lisa M. Ritacco has worked tirelessly on behalf of the many claimants denied benefits each year. About 65% of claimants for Social Security benefits are denied on their initial applications. It can be an upsetting experience, especially since injured workers may be relying on these benefits to pay for basic necessities. Lisa M. Ritacco understands the urgency of the situation and works to appeal a denial as promptly as possible.

If your application for benefits has been denied, you are not alone. Many claimants have been initially denied and have gone on to receive the benefits they are entitled to. However, time is important. If you have received a letter stating your application has been denied, you have only a limited time to appeal. To address why your application was denied and to prepare a strong appeal designed to get your claim approved, contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco for a consultation.

SSI & SSDI Disability Law Lawyer

Lisa M. Ritacco has more than ten years of experience as a disability law lawyer, serving clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and beyond. As a disability benefits lawyer, Lisa M. Ritacco earned distinction at Temple University Beasley School of Law before dedicating herself to disability law and advocacy. She specializes in the following areas:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This insurance is paid by payroll taxes, and you may qualify if you have worked and contributed over the years. Lisa M. Ritacco has worked on SSDI claims and appeals on behalf of clients for years. She can help you determine whether you qualify for SSDI and can protect your claim to these benefits.

Workers’ compensation. Most workers are covered by workers’ compensation, which is paid for by employers and covers employees in the event of a workplace injury or a work-related illness. Lisa M. Ritacco has advocated powerfully on behalf of workers who have been injured while on the job.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This insurance is paid by taxes and is available to eligible workers without the work history to qualify for SSDI. Lisa M. Ritacco has worked with many clients, helping them file and appeal SSI cases.

Contact the Law Offices of Lisa M. Ritacco

Lisa M. Ritacco is a disability law lawyer who understands that each situation is different. Attorney Ritacco will take the time to listen and talk with you and examine the facts of your case, whether you are seeking to file an initial claim for benefits or considering an appeal. She can answer any questions you have about the SSD claims process and help you identify the options that are available. Should you choose to retain her services, Attorney Ritacco will serve as a compassionate advocate for your legal rights, from the beginning of the process until the end. If you need a social security disability attorney for New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania, Contact Attorney Ritacco today!

No Attorney Fees Unless Your Claim for Benefits Is Approved

Your initial consultation is free with Attorney Ritacco, and attorney fees are limited to the lesser of 25 percent of the past-due benefits owed on your claim or $6,000. Attorney fees are only required if your claim for benefits is ultimately approved.

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