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Who Can You Count On When You Need a Disability Insurance Lawyer?

You’ve just received notification that your claim for disability benefits has been denied. Your first reaction may be one of shock, anger or even despair. Unfortunately, the fact is about 65 percent of initial applications for Social Security benefits result in denial. If you are denied the benefits to which you believe you are entitled, you need help from an experienced, effective SSDI attorney. If you need a SSDI attorney in the areas of Lancaster or Philadelphia, PA, or in Wilmington, DE or Cherry Hill, NJ, you can count on disability insurance lawyer Lisa M. Ritacco.

Get Your SSDI Benefits With the Help of an SSDI Attorney

Even if you have received a letter stating your claim for benefits has been denied, you still have options. There is a system for appealing, but the process can be complex. You first need to understand why your application was denied, and then you need to submit additional medical evidence to turn that decision around.

SSDI lawyers, unfortunately, see it all the time: genuinely injured workers who are qualified for benefits but who are denied the very benefits their taxes and pay deductions pay for. A dedicated SSDI attorney, Lisa M. Ritacco has helped clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and beyond secure benefits.

Working with Lisa M. Ritacco means someone else takes on your case. Since the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco has dealt with many Social Security benefit claims, the team understands what it takes to prove a claim. The team carefully analyzes every denial letter and application to look for application mistakes, errors on the part of the Social Security Administration or problems with medical evidence. No matter what the situation, the aim is to quickly submit a strong, supported appeal to increase your chances of approval.

Acting quickly is vital, since strict deadlines are in place and you could lose out on benefits by delaying. As soon as your SSDI/SSI benefit claim has been denied, contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco for a thorough, personalized assessment of your situation and chance of success on appeal.

The Benefits of Retaining the Services of a SSDI Lawyer

Competent SSDI attorneys can provide a number of key services that are essential to winning your case. For starters, the SSD attorney will review the facts of your case as they relate to the tangled web of Social Security regulations. Disability insurance lawyers can review your current file and request to open a prior application for benefits if necessary. An attorney can also explore the possibility of backdating the onset date of your disability to ensure you receive the maximum benefits. An attorney can prepare supporting legal briefs and prepare you for testimony if a hearing for your appeal is required.

There’s No Need to ‘Take On the System’ Alone

Some claimants choose to attempt to navigate the murky waters of a claim denial appeal on their own without the aid of an effective disability insurance lawyer. If you choose this course, you do so at your own peril. Statistically speaking, claimants who use SSDI lawyers enjoy a much greater success rate than those who represent themselves. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to take chances with your crucial disability benefits

Why Choose Lisa M. Ritacco to Handle Your Case?

While there are many SSDI lawyers in Wilmington DE, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Lancaster and Philadelphia, and West Chester, PA, they don’t all provide the same level of service and quality of representation. In some instances, your case may be assigned to a paralegal or passed from one attorney to the next. Attorney Ritacco does not believe in treating clients like a number. Instead, you’ll be treated with dignity and respect, something everyone deserves regarding a matter as personal as their disability benefits; that’s why so many have trusted private disability insurance lawyer Lisa M. Ritacco to handle their case.

A Disability Insurance Lawyer with a Focus on Disability Issues Only

Some SSDI attorneys dabble in other areas of the law. Attorney Ritacco is a disability insurance lawyer whose sole focus is on Social Security disability law. For more than ten years, she has successfully represented Social Security claimants in the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey region, as well as nationwide. She is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives and the Delaware County Bar Association.
A Disability Can Occur at Any Time

You never know when you might need a SSDI attorney, as afflictions like cancer, depression or diabetes, as well as injuries, such as a herniated disc, can strike when you least expect it. When they do, you need to know what to do to ensure you are receiving the income you need to maintain the highest quality of life possible. You can take comfort in knowing Lisa M. Ritacco will be there in your time of need.

It All Starts with a No-Obligation Consultation

If you are currently disabled and have been denied Social Security disability benefits, you owe it to yourself and your family to call for a free consultation. Attorney Ritacco will assess the circumstances surrounding your case and take appropriate action promptly. Plus, you won’t pay any attorney fees unless your case is resolved in your favor. So whether you need to appeal a claim or file social security disability, rely on SSDI Attorney Lisa M. Ritacco to help you get what you deserve.

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