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Do you suffer from an affliction such as cancer, diabetes, migraines, depression or heart disease? Does your condition prevent you from working for a year or more?

If so, you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a program administered by the Social Security Administration. SSI is available to individuals who are blind, disabled and have limited income and resources. In some cases you may be able to receive SSI in addition to Social Security disability benefits. To ensure you are receiving all the benefits to which you are entitled, turn to SSI disability attorney Lisa M. Ritacco.

Why Would You Need a SSI Lawyer?

In a perfect world, everyone who applies for SSI benefits would receive them without delay. Unfortunately, many initial applications for benefits are denied, in many cases because the applicants were unfamiliar with the process or may not have supplied all the supporting documentation needed to gain approval.

Whether you’re applying for benefits for the first time or just received a letter stating that your application for disability benefits has been denied, consider speaking with an SSI disability attorney. Experienced SSI lawyers have helped people just like you navigate through the often confusing process, ensuring you receive all the disability benefits you deserve.

SSI lawyers may be able to help you file your initial application, so your chances of denial are decreased. With more than half of initial applications denied, the assistance of an SSI disability lawyer may help you avoid the aggravation of a denial and long delays. Disability lawyers may also be able to secure medical records to prove your illness or disability, file the appeal, and prepare you for your hearing so you have the best chance of securing the benefits you deserve.

A Claim Denial Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Aren’t Entitled to Benefits

If your claim for benefits has already been denied, you may still be entitled to receive benefits. However, it is imperative you act quickly as an appeal of a denial must be filed within 60 days. This underscores the importance of contacting an SSI disability attorney as soon as possible, since the more time you give the SSI lawyer to prepare your appeal, the greater your chances of success. If you need an SSI disability attorney in Philadelphia, Lancaster or Reading, PA, contact the law offices of Lisa M. Ritacco.

Get Your SSI Benefits With the Help of an SSI Disability Attorney

Many SSI lawyers have handled hundreds and sometimes thousands of disability cases. They have filed the forms and paperwork repeatedly for a number of injuries, and they understand exactly what a successful benefit application or appeal looks like. They can hone in on any errors or weak spots potentially affecting your application to get you back on track to getting the benefits you deserve.

More importantly, disability lawyers understand the law. They know what it takes to prove an injury in court and how to secure compelling medical evidence of your injury. Whether you are just applying or have been denied for a claim, an SSI disability attorney such as Lisa M. Ritacco can help you craft the strongest case possible.

If you’ve been injured, you have enough stress. Spending hours poring over benefits applications, claims information, paperwork and letters about your claim is not helping you get better. In fact, depending on the nature of your injury, even the simple act of filling out forms and submitting them may be challenging. When you work with the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco, a legal team with experience in cases similar to yours takes over the time-consuming process of filing the right paperwork by the right date to protect your benefits.

At the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco, the goal is simple: to help eligible workers get the benefits that are rightfully theirs. Contact the office today for a consultation to find out more.

What Makes Attorney Ritacco Stand Apart from the Rest?

A quick Yellow Pages or Internet search will no doubt yield a lengthy list of SSI lawyers in Philadelphia, Lancaster, West Chester, Reading, PA and Atco, NJ. So what makes Attorney Ritacco stand out from the crowd? For one, she has over ten years of successful experience in helping clients in all phases of the SSI process both locally and nationwide. Attorney Ritacco will provide you with aggressive representation while treating you with dignity and respect at all times.

Your SSI Lawyer Will Represent You at Your Appeal Hearing

When you appeal a denial of benefits, there’s a good chance you will have to attend a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and possibly have to testify under oath. For many people, the prospect of testifying can understandably create a bit of anxiety. Disability attorney Ritacco will help relieve your apprehension by preparing you for your testimony, so you will know exactly what to expect. You get a SSI lawyer who will be there to represent you every step of the way.

What About the Cost Factor When Hiring an SSI Disability Attorney?

Many people believe hiring an attorney, including SSI disability lawyers, is an unaffordable expense. As a result, they may choose to represent themselves during the appeals process, which can hinder their chances of a successful result. When you select Lisa M. Ritacco as your SSI lawyer, you won’t pay any attorney fees unless your appeal is won and you are entitled to receive benefits. You can also schedule a free initial consultation to help you decide if moving forward is right for you.

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