Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Worker’s Compensation Benefits


On-the-job injuries can happen in any place of work. You can slip and fall in an office or suffer a serious welding-related injury on a construction site. In these situations, workers’ compensation is meant to help you pay for medical bills and replace your wages as you heal.


In New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states, employers are required by law to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This insurance covers workers in the event that they are injured on the job – and coverage is available no matter who was at fault for an injury. The benefits are meant to be paid quickly to financially support workers while protecting employers from lawsuits. Workers’ compensation insurance is not something you need to pay for — your employer should have purchased this coverage on your behalf when you started employment.


Unfortunately, even if your injury is work-related, you may not always be guaranteed benefits. Many workers with legitimate claims find their applications for benefits denied. In some cases, adverse decisions are made due to a technical problem. In other cases, insurers claim there is a lack of medical evidence. If you have been injured at work and would like to secure benefits in a timely fashion or would like assistance dealing with a rejected claim, contact a workers’ compensation and disability benefits attorney for assistance.


An attorney may be able to help you file your claim, secure medical records to support your injury claims, and assist with any adverse decisions. If your employer and their insurance company insist on an evaluation by an independent doctor, an attorney can offer alternatives or can help you get ready for your appointment. If you have questions about the process or need to attend a formal administrative hearing, having an attorney means that there is someone standing by to represent you. If you have suffered an injury related to your work, contact the Law Office of Lisa M. Ritacco. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your potential claim. Our workers’ compensation and disability attorneys handle cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (as well as Delaware and Maryland for social security cases).


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