About the National Day of Persons with Disabilities

October 16 was the national day of people with disabilities in our beloved, but still distant country with respect to this reality.

“Disability is any restriction or absence due to a deficiency in the ability to perform an activity in the way that is considered normal in humans”

This means that the environment is part of this situation because the person can develop like others, having the tools and a favorable attitude from society. For this reason, we must be careful and disciplined to call them people with disabilities and never disabled. This is important when choosing the correct term when referring to a person with a disability .

The heart of a society is measured through its responses or reactions to certain situations, from the union of people in difficult moments to the same treatment that one can have towards people with disabilities.

This has a lot to do with sensitivity and above all with empathy, which is putting yourself in the other’s shoes and understanding what you need.

Now, the best way to know if we are on the right track is to highlight the good things that have been advanced and see what we need to improve in this fair fight to integrate them socially and economically, as was already done legally in 1999 with the Law General Disability 27050, whose purpose is to establish the legal regime of protection, care, health, work, education, rehabilitation, social security and prevention for the person with a disability.

What we have achieved

Regarding what has been done, there have been advances in public transport such as the electric train, the blue corridor and other means for a certain group of people with disabilities such as:

  • Ramp construction
  • Elevators
  • Traffic lights that speak in some districts of Lima
  • Queues specially reserved in different establishments
  • Help when voting
  • Participation in some political parties
  • Being able to go to some recreation centers such as the park of legends and discounts at cinemas and theaters
  •  Practice of some sports where we are well represented
  • Legal framework for people with disabilities with the General Law of Persons with Disabilities

But this is a long-term marathon where we have to recognize that there is still a long way to go.

What we must improve

With regard to what is missing, there is much to do, for example, due to the Pan American Games which in turn come with the Para-Pan American (sports competitions for people with disabilities), a never before seen urbanization plan will be developed consisting of signage, road management, spaces with ramps and free access to athletes that will generate a positive impact on many people, if we were not hosting such an important sporting event, the State would have taken much longer to make a decision like that.

Regarding education, there are also aspects to be improved, such as more places where a timely and personalized education can be provided to people who have lost their vision and can complete their studies quickly, currently few places offer this option.

With regard to inclusive education, according to Peruvian law, schools should have a minimum of 2 vacancies for children with disabilities to enter and study with other children.

Education would not only be oriented towards better learning for children with disabilities but also towards better education and coexistence of children in general.

In the health sector, it would be very good to expand the national plan for the delivery of biomechanical implements for the most vulnerable population.

Employment situation of people with disabilities

Regarding the labor field, although there are large companies that are concerned with hiring people with disabilities, these are still minimal, but have increased due to law 29973 that promotes the hiring of 3% of people with disabilities in the private sector and 5% in the public sector, the downside of this is that there is still no effective and real control over this policy, we would have to review other experiences abroad and choose the best model for the effective execution of this law.

We are optimistic and we believe that in a short time many things will change, but we need values ​​and greater understanding in all social strata.

Studies have shown that the retention of jobs and low absenteeism of people with disabilities makes their hiring productive in addition to showing talents that often exceed the work performance of the average person in general.

A labor blockade of people with great potential impoverishes everyone and weakens an economic system and a society. We invite private companies to take an interest in this talented group of people who can make our society grow even more.

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