Peru Disability Card Requirements

In this post we will talk about the requirements and steps to obtain the Certificate of Disability and proceed with the registration in CONADIS to obtain the Disability Card

Current situation:

According to the First National Specialized Survey on People with Disabilities in Peru in 2012, we can find 2 graphs that represent the current situation both in the possession of the Disability Card in Peru, as well as the Registry in CONADIS.

Regarding the possession of the Certificate of Disability , it is estimated at that time that 92% of the people did not have the respective certificate of disability.

This is undoubtedly a worrying figure, but in recent years this number is expected to have increased considerably.

On the other hand, with regard to the Registry in CONADIS , it is estimated that 89% of the people with some type of disability were not registered.

A figure that is expected to have also increased in all these years.

We hope to have recent information on these figures in the next survey or census of people with disabilities in Peru.

For now they help us to define a baseline of how we are doing in this regard.

Laws and regulations in force

With the new Law No. 29973 and the recent approval of the New Regulations for the National Registry of Persons with Disabilities of CONADIS, the necessary legal framework is established to obtain the Certificate of Disability and the Disability Card.

The CONADIS is the specialized body on issues relating to disability in our country and among its functions are the implementing powers of the Regulations of the General Law of Persons with Disabilities .

This new regulation for the registration of people with disabilities seeks to establish the procedures and responsibility for the Registration in the aforementioned registry and to simplify the administrative procedure in order to make it more transparent and efficient in the delivery of the Registration Certificate.

In addition, there is the new technical health standard: NTS N ° 127-MINSA / 2016 / DGIESP .

That is used to obtain the Certificate of Disability.

What is the CONADIS Disability Card?

The Disability Card in Peru, known as the “CONADIS Card” is a document that is delivered by means of a CONADIS resolution to the person with a disability who requests it, after sending the necessary documents.

The Card itself helps you to access various programs, services and benefits that the Law provides for people with disabilities in Peru.

Types of Disability Card?

There are some types of disability card that are determined according to the degree: mild, moderate or severe , of the disability.

Blue Disability Card:

Until 2015 the disability cards were blue, they are still valid so they do not have to be changed

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