Types of Disabilities that Exist and Classification

Here you will discover everything about the types of disabilities that exist and their respective classification.

Talking about types of disability is important to have a more accurate approximation of the employment situation of people with disabilities in Peru.

The Different types of disability.

Society needs to take a step forward if it wants to be part of the first world and for this we must be one that is attentive to optimizing or repowering the skills of each person. That is why it is important to know the concept or definition of disability and its types.

Definition of Disability:

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), disability is a complex phenomenon that reflects a close and borderline relationship between the characteristics of the human being and the characteristics of the environment where he lives.

It is a broad term that contains and encompasses deficiencies, activity limitations, and participation restrictions.

Deficiencies are those that affect bodily functions, limitations are difficulties in performing any activity, and restrictions are problems in participating in life situations.

CIF classification of people with disabilities

The International Classification of Functioning (ICF) of disability and health is considered referential as well as the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and both are important for the FCI (Family of International Classifications)

On May 22, 2001, the CIF disability classification was approved by the 191 countries that make up the WHO.

The CIF disability classification was a great initiative to be able to manage public policies at the individual and group level and thus be able to have the most accurate data regarding disability.

The CIF disability classification can be used for various purposes and purposes.

Main Objectives:

  • Provide scientific information to countries committed to health issues.
  • Improve communication between all the people involved in the subject, from researchers and professionals to people with disabilities.
  • Allow data and results to be compared between countries over time.
  • Provide a code scheme for the use of the information.
  • In order to evaluate the health of the population, it is necessary to know that the classification is determined by body structure, activity and participation.

Types of Disability:

Each person with a disability is different from the other according to the degree of severity of their case, whether they have the same type of disability or have a different disability, the needs they may have are different and the level of care and attention that is different. is provided.

The types of disability and their degrees are varied and complex, they are like the personality of an individual, with known traits and others hidden or to be discovered, some of these require personalized attention.

Physical or Motor Disability

The d physical iscapacidad is what happens to the missing or be very little part of the body, which prevents the person unfold in the conventional manner.

Causes of physical disability:

Physical disability can be caused while the mother is pregnant, by genetic problems, or at the time of delivery.
It can also be due to a strong accident.

Types of physical disability

  • Organic abnormalities: These are found in the head, spine, legs or arms.
  • Nervous system deficiencies: they are paralysis of the lower and upper extremities, paraplegia, tetraplegia and disorders that affect coordination of movements.
  • Visceral alterations: are those that affect the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, metabolic system and immune system.

With regard to accessibility , more ramps have been built, including electric ramps in warehouses and supermarkets, now there are many buildings that are being built thinking of people with physical disabilities, parking for people with disabilities and with the Para-Pan American games a whole urban plan will be made.

There is a shortage of employment for people with physical disabilities, but large inclusive companies like Repsol have some people with disabilities in their ranks.

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