7 Great Blogs for Those Living on Disability

7 Great Blogs for Those Living on Disability

More than 60 million people – or 19% of the population – are living with some form of disability. Disabilities range from mental to physical and temporary to permanent. And if you or someone you know is living with a disability, it’s helpful to know that there are other people out there going through the same thing. Check out seven great blogs for those living with a disability:

Blogs for Those Living on Disability

  • Disability Blog – This is the official blog of Disability.gov, part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. Disability experts regularly give statistics, advice, and more information about living and working with a disability.
  • Warrior Care Blog – If you’re a disabled veteran, this is the official blog from the Department of Defense. Topics include benefits, disability evaluation, tips for finding a job and more. And if you’re looking for entries from other disabled vets and their families, try the Wounded Spouse section from Military.com.
  • Disability News – Get the latest in research and development surrounding disabilities from Science Daily. Stories are collected from universities, journals and other scientific organizations. You can filter the stories by conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and other disorders.
  • Living Undone – Cathy Allen has been an artist for over 25 years and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. Even though she spends much of her time in a wheelchair, she still enjoys a diverse range of activities and shows you how to do the same in her blog. In addition to daily stories on living with a disability, she also shares artistic tips and the simple pleasures of life.
  • Enabled Kids – If you have a child with a disability, this is the blog for you. Parents can get tips on activities, nutrition, treatments and more. Recent topics include inspiration and why proper nutrition is important for kids with disabilities.
  • Do it Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt has cerebral palsy and shares her experiences with a special device that lets her type with her thumb. She focuses on inspiring and motivating others on how to deal with their own disabilities and how to interact with the world around them. Best of all, fans of the blog can check out her book with the same title.
  • Karen Putz – Also known as the Deaf Mom, Karen became hard of hearing after an illness in elementary school got progressively worse throughout her teen years. However, she found that becoming deaf became a blessing after she decided to embrace life. In addition to being a competitive barefoot water skier, she is also a motivational speaker and shares her wisdom via this blog.

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